Advertising Policy

MyMoneyDiva accepts advertising, commission from “clickthroughs” to other sites, and sponsorship. We want this site to be accessible to the widest number of users possible, and by generating revenue from these sources we are able to achieve this.

Most people recognise that services need to be paid for in some way, and we prefer to keep this website “free to access” to our users, so are using these options as an alternative means of revenue generation.

We prefer not to denigrate the intelligence of our users by inferring that they are unable to distinguish between advertising content and editorial content, which is why we are happy to have both on the site. There is no question of MyMoneyDiva’s editorial independence being compromised by accepting advertising, sponsorship or “clickthrough” revenue, which is why we have no concern about this practice.

However, in accepting advertising, “clickthrough” revenue and sponsorship, we are in no way suggesting that we are supporting or endorsing any particular product offered by these partners. We have not, and would not, mention any product in an editorial context simply because we have received payment from a company through one source or another. Similarly, we would not refuse to mention products in an editorial context because we had not received payment.

Our editorial independence is paramount, and is made clear to both our advertisers and our users in this policy statement. No advertiser should expect, and will not receive, any preferential treatment in editorial pieces. It undermines the value of their proposition, and more importantly our editorial, and both become infinitely less trustworthy to our users, something we will not allow.

We have worked for years to build up a nationally-recognised reputation for fairness and independence, and we would not jeopardise that.

If you are interested in advertising with us, then please contact us at