Cookies are simply ‘packets’ of information that are exchanged between websites and the browser on your computer to help make your browsing experience more simple. There are a variety of types of cookie, and they do different things.

Some of our advertisers may use cookies when you click through to their websites, but you should be told about what these are and how you can disable them when you go to their site.
We use Google Analytics, and its cookies are used to collate information including where and when you access our site from, how long you spend on each page, and how you navigate through our website. We use this to help us improve our site and make your user experience as pleasant as possible.
Blocking cookies or only accepting cookies from specific websites
If you would prefer not to allow cookies to be installed on your browser, or would like only some cookies from some websites to be allowed, then you can find detailed instructions on how to amend your internet privacy options for the various browsers using these links:
Internet Explorer 9: How to change cookie management