The Cost Of Happiness? £7.6m Apparently…

The Cost Of Happiness? £7.6m Apparently…

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Can you put a price on happiness? Most people would answer no, but according to a new study by cashback site Quidco it appears that actually, you can, and it is £7.6m.

Well, £7,646,500 to be exact. Ish. The research is pretty clever too, as it looks at also asks what you would be prepared to do to get a large sum of money. Answers included swimming with sharks, going to work naked (ha, well we have all done that, right? At least in a dream…) and even leaving a partner. The full list is below.

Far from the traditional view that money cannot buy happiness at all, nearly two thirds of Brits surveyed said that they thought it was possible for money to bring you happiness. But one in 10 Brits said it would take at least £50m to “put a permanent smile on their face”, as Quidco puts it. Greedy. The same number at the other end of the scale said they would be super happy with just £250,000.

Some other interesting stats to emerge include that, in general, you would have to pay someone more to quit their job than you would to leave their partner – £1.4m versus £1.35m – and £1.8m to eat a kangaroo’s testicle. Honestly? I would be looking for very far north of £10m for that one…

The fact is that money, or a lack of it, does have a significant impact on your emotional and mental wellbeing. There is nothing worse than having to think from one month to the next about how you are going to pay the bills. That sort of stress is health changing.

Of course, you don’t have to get a fortune to improve your lot, and there are many things you can do for yourself to improve your financial position. MMD is here to help you do just that, and over the coming weeks I will be putting together a series of articles aimed at helping you improve your financial status step-by-step.

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MONEY MATTERS Mean average
To make you happy £7,646,500
To play Russian roulette £4,465,027
To have your face tattooed £4,318,907
To run a marathon naked £4,085,672
To go to work naked £3,479,621
To have an archer shoot an apple off your head £2,969,758
To marry someone you don’t love £3,941,149
To audition for the X Factor at the O2 £2,853,069
To have a tarantula crawl on your face £2,468,650
To swim with sharks £2,191,873
To eat a Kangaroo’s testicle £1,856,425
To shave all your hair off £1,750,000
To quit your job £1,439,592
To leave your partner £1,358,525
To stay in a haunted house £1,268,413

Source: Quidco (survey of 2,000 people done in May 2015 by Censuswide)